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Sen. Orrin Hatch, Trump's tax reform ally on Capitol Hill
04/26/2017 10:01 PM

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Trump's tax reform ally on Capitol HillAs Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah emerged from a Senate floor speech April 24, reporters peppered him about tax reform. While he voiced strong support for President Trump, he doubted his proposed 15 percent corporate tax rate would get through Congress. “Excuse me, the White House is calling me right now, I’ve gotta go,” he said, and stepped into an elevator. Pretty much everything Mr. Trump cares about runs through the Senate Finance Committee that Hatch chairs: tax reform, infrastructure, trade, and revisions to health care.

Hear this, oh those who listen
04/26/2017 05:14 PM

Hear this, oh those who listenIn a recent skit on “Saturday Night Live,” two actors in a mock TV ad invite Americans to live in a new planned city called The Bubble. A video of this skit might be useful to show before many public events in the United States these days, such as talks by controversial speakers at public universities or at town hall meetings with elected leaders. By and large, civility and free speech remain the norm in academia and politics.

Attack on Afghan base a reminder: Taliban pose the greater threat
04/26/2017 04:41 PM

Attack on Afghan base a reminder: Taliban pose the greater threatDisguised perfectly as Afghan soldiers, the 10 attackers launched the Taliban’s spring offensive in spectacular fashion, rolling undetected into one of the most secure army bases in northern Afghanistan, and killing some 170 recruits as they left Friday prayers. The Taliban attack at Mazar-e Sharif’s Camp Shaheen appeared aimed at further undermining Afghanistan’s embattled leaders and security forces. It also served as a reminder that the Taliban, and not the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), still represent the most potent Islamist insurgency threatening the Afghan government.

Berkeley paradox: Birthplace of free speech now offended by it
04/26/2017 04:27 PM

Berkeley paradox: Birthplace of free speech now offended by itWhat started as a debate over conservative pundit Ann Coulter's scheduled talk at the University of California, Berkeley, has become a nationwide showdown over freedom of expression, with a lawsuit filed and riots in the offing. “We don’t accept the right of immigrant-basher bigots to come to Berkeley and help propel Trump’s deportation machine to make it more hostile for human beings who are here,” says Hoku Jeffrey, a Berkeley graduate and representative of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a left-wing group that participated in previous protests that grew violent. In protesting her presence, groups like BAMN are wielding the right to assembly.

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"Basic Close Quarter Combat Certification Instructor Training"

On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August 2012 CQCSI is conducting a seminar on Basic Close Quarter Combat Certification Instructor Training. Please go to the seminar section for more information on this event.


On Saturday 2 April 2011 CQCSI conducted a sold-out training for "TACTICAL KNIFE FIGHTING & THROWING" at the Madison Combined Martial Arts Association. We would like to thank everyone for coming and hope you learned from this session.

CQCSI is Mobile!

Our training team is available for training anywhere within the Continental U.S. and abroad. All team members are highly season veterans with extensive experience operating under hostile and high stress environments, while supporting your organization or mission on a confidential basis - without publicity. We get in, get out and go home, leaving you with the skill sets requested and required.

Please contact us with your questions while considering us to coordinate and conduct your next training requirement. We offer certification with most of our programs, and will customize our courses to meet your specific needs. Let us train your trainers and provide you with the advice and assistance necessary to keep your organization secure.

Email us at or Call 440.567.0808 within the United States.

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